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We help businesses scale through the use of SMART Systems

How we help


Our unique BOSS Test measures the level of your business in 30 systems areas. This makes it extremely easy to see how the business is performing at a glance and prioritise key areas to systemise and provides key actions to take to scale.


Once we’ve established a baseline level using The BOSS Test, we work with our clients on creating a Winning Systems Strategy which will help them scale their business to the next level and beyond.


Once new systems have been chosen according to the Winning Systems Strategy, our team of experts can help you implement the new systems, including a roll-out plan to fully train your team through the transition.


Change is not usually popular. Once systems have been chosen and implementation begins, it’s vital to implement a comprehensive training plan for your team. We have versatile training options available.

About Us

Helpful Business Performance is one of the services of The Helpful Brand. The Helpful Brand exists to help people achieve their goals through the use of SMART systems. It was established in 2015 by Kat Soper, a leading Business Consultant. Since then we have successfully helped dozens of Business Owners level-up their businesses, feel organised and under control by helping them learn and implement SMART systems, and upskill their teams.

With over 15 years working with businesses at keeping them organised, automated and efficient, your systems are in experienced hands. 

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What our client's say

  • Kat quickly understands the client's needs, applying the latest tools, apps and techniques to ensure the business owner can stay in their genius and let go of all the support tasks that are a necessary to keep the business running. Kat is professional, skilled and fun. She has gone beyond the call of duty for last minute requests on a Sunday night. Helpful - the name of her business - doesn't even begin to describe what Kat offers her clients like me. She's a right hand - and a whole brain and a great gal to boot!

    Rosie (Rosemary) Killip
  • The Helpful Brand has a fantastic Business Warrant of Fitness process with a very clear report which shows you exactly where you need to focus your time and energy to improve your business from a system and process perspective. The lengths Kat goes to, to understand your business, and then her skill in interpreting the report pinpoints exactly where you need to take action. I would highly recommend Kat from The Helpful Brand if you want to leverage your business in the next 12 months. 

    Gaelene Adams Wood
    High Performance Team Renovator
  • Kat and I have done training together, and her material is so useful and presented in a super-clear way. Participants really like her workbooks for their depth and precision. As her colleague, I have had lots of insights myself from her work, as she absolutely nails the small things and the big things we can do to run our businesses more effectively.

    Brenda Ratcliff
    Executive Trainer and Coach
  • I have got to know Kat very well over the past year, having worked closely with her for a number of clients, and having prepared and co-presented an all-day business management workshop with her. Kat is a very down-to-earth and personable presenter/facilitator; she can explain sometimes difficult concepts in a way which makes it easy to understand. She’s very tech-savvy, and knowledgeable when it comes to business management and what it takes to run a successful business. I have seen first hand the huge impact Kat has had in helping clients turn their business around.

    Sean Fitzgerald
    Owner and Chartered Accountant
  • Kat has far exceeded any expectations I had. Since starting with us, Kat has literally transformed the support arm of our business. She is a multi-talented in writing, marketing, design, IT, admin support and so so much more. She has removed the stress from my day to day life and for that, am truly grateful. I cannot recommend Kat highly enough.

    Amanda Stevens
    Business Manager


At The Helpful Brand, our entire philosophy is based around making a positive impact on the world. One of the ways we commit to doing that is by our partnership with Buy 1 Give 1 (or B1G1 for short).

What is B1G1 I hear you ask? It’s a social enterprise aimed at making an impact.

For every new member we welcome into The Helpful Academy, we donate clean drinking water to a family. In fact, for every sale we make across our entire business, we donate money to a B1G1 project.

See the impact you help create here…